martes, febrero 12, 2013

Spare me the suspense...

Wait, baby froze in the night

You're late, there's a hole in the sky
No haste, no lesson to lie
Gotta taste that I can't deny

It's been a while isn't it?

Did I tell you about that time when those fish were talking about flying castles and giants? It was in my room... And we were sitting on the floor.

I don't remember very well but the fish... God! They remember.

And then the flashlights started to burn my eyes. My hands were sweating. It's weird how things came to this, with me talking about fish and flashlights... But the truth is that i needed a fucking way to start talking about fish, flashlights, and maybe sirens.

Yes sirens.

Like those kind of sirens walking over cold mountains. Those kind of sirens who don't know why they can walk. And they don't give a shit.

Last week I was running around a giant pool filled with green paint. I was running and running and running. And then this feeling came to me and the sensation that I had to scream my fears to the little sheep that was watching me running.

So I pull out my tounge and put it under my bed. I won't need it for a while.

I played dead for a couple of days.

Sirens swimming in green paint...

Someone told me about one with a pair of striped pants.

When one of those hugs you is like the end of all suffering. - He said-. Is the end of pain, fear. Is the end.

The end... Under a tree.

Pretty eyes. Under a tree.

Nice ending.

Under a tree.

I think I will never forget it.

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