sábado, abril 16, 2016


She said "Listen carefully"... And there was Mr. Aids dancing like a monkey. Like a raped monkey.

It was funny. Specially when he yelled at her. "Here, put on some lipstick". He did it. He draw a pink butterfly on her chest and continued dancing. Like a tap ballerina. Or a raped monkey, it doesn't matter.

"You rock Mr. Aids!", she said. But, somehow, I couldn't do anything about the fact that she was crying all over the floor. And he was in a long laugh. With all of his yellow teeth crawling from his mouth. It was an incredible scene. Surprisingly, I wasn't crying too, but I just hugged myself and spat at my image through a broken mirror.

A broken mirror which showed Mr. Aids his deformed self. Then it was my turn to laugh. To laugh at his white, spooky face. To laugh at that disgusting man. At that raped monkey.

I couldn't help it. It was my deepest disire. I just wanted to watch his transformed face. I laughed until i throw off my breakfast.

He shot right between my eyes.

It's ok. I'm ok.


No tiene nombre oficial, así que...

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