viernes, abril 08, 2011

Inner runner

When that heart stopped I knew it was time for me to come. Hard to believe, but it is real. Such greatness in one single moment, and then, all I can see are those brilliant lights showing me a path so narrow I just feel lazy and turn around.

I'm just watching at the darkness behind me and this white face appears all of a sudden. It is smiling with those yellow teeth crawling out of its mouth. Neither man nor woman. Just a face, bald, old and wrinkled.

Where do you came from? I ask. But it says nothing. It's opening the mouth. It is so open that all I can see are hundreds and hundreds of fangs. It is so open I can step inside and walk trough that smelly and wet corridor.

When that heart stopped I knew it was time for me to come.

I wish I could have wings, you know, so I can fly through your body and go up and down. But I don't have wings, all I have got is a pair of horse legs and all I can do is run in circles in the depths of your lungs. What else can I ask for?

And as I go deeper and deeper into that abyss of flesh and bone I come to a group of dancers. They're dancing over a pond. They're headless you know? And the only light in that pond come from the fire on the tip of their fingers. Those were enormous tongues of fire, so hot that my face got burnt. It was your belly, I think. There's no place in the world as hot as the belly of a woman.

I can't say the same about your back... I wasn't allowed to go there. I couldn't fit inside, it was very small and thight.

Then a question rushed through my head. Did that heart really stopped? Maybe I shouldn't be here right now. Not right now.

Then it came a sound. It was so intense my ears started to bleed. It was like a thunder. I decided to run, to run as far as this horse legs could run. So there I was, finally standing in the middle of the ocean. And the sound came again. I had nowhere to run. I was standing there, and this white hand came from the bottom of the ocean and took me apart. It crushed me into millions of bloody pieces.

I'm laughing now. Allowed or not, now I'm part of that ocean inside of you. And we can't do anything about it. I'm dissolved in the water. And its warm.

Maybe it is the pond in your belly.

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