jueves, junio 09, 2011

Here goes nothing...

Una tarea para la clase de inglés que al final no entregué y escribí otra cosa. La autoconfesión en ese momento significaba vulnerabilidad innecesaria.

2006 dice ahí en la esquina superior derecha.

Maybe I should stop crying, keep walking with no turning back. I should smell the stink of what I've done and be proud. Even if I'm ashamed. I do know that I can do evenmore that that.

I want to get lost in two black eyes, before and after their loss of shine. Lick them frenetically as a hungry crowd, because in that hunger lies the relief of a broken heart. But with that eradication of pain, surely more hearts will be broken... But I... I really don't care. Now I can take care of myself and no one else.

I'm but a gross simulation of a man, busy only in being a simple and better human being more than that single man.


Y se quedó como a medias. Como se que esa libreta algún día se perderá en algún lugar mejor lo paso acá.

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Suzana Zana dijo...

mismo se tratando de años pasados...